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South Hampshire Indoor Cricket League

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A ring has been found in one of the squash courts at Fleming Park. If anyone has lost one or knows who it belongs to, please get in touch with Fleming Park.

The next round of the cups has been drawn (except the Under 16's). You can find the details on the fixtures, competitions or team pages.

If you do find an error on the site or are able to help fill in the gaps on any of the scorecards, please get in touch here.

Mike Varney, Webmaster

Week 16 25/01/2015 Competition Result
OT & Romsey 159-4 Burridge 66 U16 OT & Romsey won by 93 runs
Hursley Park B 125-2 Broadstone 91-2 Ladies Hursley Park B won by 34 runs
Compton & CF 138-5 Locks Heath Lions 108-2 U16 Compton & CF won by 30 runs
Broadstone 73-3 Parley 74-2 Ladies Parley won by 4 wickets
Old Netley 126-2 OT & Romsey 106-3 U14 Old Netley won by 20 runs
Hythe & Dibden A 78 Peartree Bees 81-2 Div 2 Peartree Bees won by 4 wickets
Sway Seahawks 102 Burridge 106-3 Div 1 Burridge won by 3 wickets
Cadnam 98 Southampton University C 101-4 Div 2 Southampton University C won by 2 wickets
Southampton University B 71-5 Southampton Community A 73-3 Div 1 Southampton Community A won by 3 wickets
Ernst & Young 131-4 Lyndhurst Lions 133-2 Div 2 Lyndhurst won by 4 wickets
Southampton University A 89-5 Peartree Wasps 90-3 Div 1 Peartree Wasps won by 3 wickets
Hythe & Dibden B 108-4 Hedge End 109-5 Div 3 Hedge End won by 1 wicket

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Week 17 01/02/2015 Duty Night: OT & Romsey Competition
4:15pm Court A Langley Manor Locks Heath Leopards U16
4:15pm Court B Ropley Locks Heath Ladies
5:15pm Court A Old Netley Hedge End U16
5:15pm Court B Paultons B Sarisbury Scorpions Div 2
6:15pm Court A Langley Manor Paultons A Div 1
6:15pm Court B Hursley Park CooperVision Div 3
7:15pm Court A OT & Romsey Southampton University D Div 2
7:15pm Court B Sporting Wessex Friends Div 3
8:15pm Court A Peartree Wasps Sarisbury Stallions Div 1
8:15pm Court B Whalesmead Thistle MSCC Juniors Div 3
9:15pm Court A Burridge Southampton Warriors Div 1
9:15pm Court B Southampton Community B Ashurst Adders Div 3

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