Fair Oak vs. Langley Manor
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Competition Under 16s Division
Date Sunday 01 October 2017
Venue Fleming Park, Eastleigh
Result Fair Oak won by 4 wickets
Players Fair Oak: 6 Langley Manor: 6
Umpire Duncan Forbes
Scorers UnknownUnknown
Toss Unknown
Points Batting Bonus Bowling Bonus Total
Fair Oak 16 4 5 25
Langley Manor 0 1 1 2

Langley Manor Innings Runs
Todd Garner run out [Unknown] 3
Daniel Munday c Tom Merrill b Ben Smith 32
Nick Harvey c John Bassom b Josh Turner 1
Harry Ottembrajt b John Bassom 1
Ethan Terris run out [Unknown] 15
Jordan Ponting c Tom Merrill b John Bassom 6
Extras (6nb, 21w) 27
Total All out
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