Southampton University B vs. OT's & Romsey
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Competition Mens Division 1
Date Sunday 04 March 2018
Venue Fleming Park, Eastleigh
Result OT's & Romsey won by 2 wickets
Players Southampton University B: 6 OT's & Romsey: 6
Umpire Mark Heritage
Scorers Pete CostleyUnknown
Toss Unknown
Points Batting Bonus Bowling Bonus Total
Southampton University B 0 1 3 4
OT's & Romsey 16 2 5 23

Southampton University B Innings Runs
Advait Manur run out (Harry Tulk) 9
Alex Kayser c Harry Tulk b Max Costley 2
Jake Fish c Harry Tulk b Max Costley 18
Mossie Perry c Max Costley b Richard Lake 12
Tom Barnes c Ieuan Wathen b Harry Tulk 7
Anish Patel run out [Unknown] 1
Extras (2b, 2lb, 3nb, 12w) 19
Total All out
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